Aloha and Welcome to Kauai Bound! Your Snorkel Gear and Golf Club Rental Center
Aloha and Welcome to Kauai Bound! Your Snorkel Gear and Golf Club Rental Center

What are your hours?


 8ish-5 Everyday



 Where is the best place to go snorkeling?


 Depends on the day and the time of year. We do actually have seasons here but you may not notice in the weather as much as by the ocean conditions. In the summertime the north shore is best for snorkeling as the water is clear and calm. In the winter time it is best to snorkel on the south shore while the waves are small and the water is clear.

I always recommend going to a life guarded beach whenever possible. You can check the daily ocean conditions by checking Kaua'i | Safe Beach Day


Where is the best place to play golf on Kauai?


There are many courses here on Kauai ranging from the very affordable 9 hole Kukuiolono in the town of Kalaheo to the Makai course in Princeville. There is a map on the "home" page that has the golf courses marked. Prices range anywhere from $15 for 9 holes at Kukuiolono to around $350 for the courses in Princeville. 

If you don't want to haul your clubs all the way out here, Kauai Bound has very nice quality Wilson Profile HL clubs for rent for $25 per day, $90 per week.



What kind of camera do you use for your pictures?


I use an older Panasonic Lumix FZ-28 or my Olympus TG-4 camera for most of my above the water pictures. I use a polarized filter to get some interesting colors on the pictures but do not use Photoshop to make any changes to the pictures, other than to level them out. :) 

Underwater shots are mostly with a Olympus TG-4, I have the new Olympus TG-6 cameras  for rent here at the shop. 



How long have you been a photographer?


I really just started getting into photography after moving here to Kauai. I have never taken a class, or even made it all the way through the owners manual. I plan on getting a DSLR camera at some point in the future to see about taking my pictures to the next level. Yes, the Lumix camera that I use is a fixed lens system. If you are looking for a good older camera and don't have a lot to spend, see if you can find one of these cameras online. I have been very happy with mine. 

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