Aloha and Welcome to Kauai Bound! Your Snorkel Gear and Golf Club Rental Center
Aloha and Welcome to Kauai Bound! Your Snorkel Gear and Golf Club Rental Center

        Aloha and Welcome to Kauai Bound!                                                                                                Due to the Covid-19 emergency we have had to temporarily close until this health emergency is under control. We are currently experiencing a surge here in the state of Hawai`i.                                                     The order from the governors office has been updated stating that visitors will not be allowed to the islands without a 14 day mandatory quarantine and unfortunately I do not know when that will end at this point.                                                                                         Of course that means you can come out but will have to go straight from the airport to your listed accomendations and can't leave   that location for 14 days.                                                                                                                                    I would suggest that you take a look at for daily news updates here in Hawai`i.                                                                                                                                        I will still be checking and responding to e-mail at,                      but I will be doing it from home.                                                                                                           We seem to be having an issue with Facebook right now so please contact us at I will be looking into creating a Twitter page as well as an Instagram page while I have the time available. 


Kauai Bound is a locally owned and operated snorkel and golf
equipment rental shop located at 3486 Rice St in Lihue,

Walking distance from the cruise ships and the Marriott, overlooking Kalapaki Bay, Kauai Bound will get you set up with your snorkel, beach, underwater camera, and golf rentals.


 You may wish to purchase some of the pictures that are
decorating the walls of the shop as all were taken on the island of Kauai by the owner of Kauai Bound.


Kauai Bound provides state of the art high quality snorkel
sets that are cleaned and sanitized daily for rent, by the day or the
week, or new sets for purchase. I do not carry "grades" of gear, no haggling over levels of snorkel gear and prices, we only carry the best, for a great price.  



I am very excited to announce that Kauai Bound now has the second generation FULL FACE MASKS! These masks have a silicone seal, fully adjustable, comes in three different sizes. The mask rental includes the fins just as it does with standard gear. 

The most exciting part.......I will be renting these out for $9.00 per day or $35.00 per week. 


Wilson (Profile HL and Platinum Hope) golf club sets (not the cheaper ones you find at the discount stores) in right hand, left hand, Senior, and women's sets all available as daily and weekly rentals for a VERY reasonable price.(Golf Clubs are $20 per day or $70 per week) 


Also available are a limited number of Srixon Golf clubs for $30 per day or $120 per week. 


SeaLife and Olympus Tough underwater cameras are also available for rent to capture the images from your snorkeling and traveling adventures both above and below the sea! 


There is quite a variety of Metal prints and giclee's (canvas prints)
taken from all over the island of Kauai both above and below the water available for purchase that have been taken by the owner,
Christopher (Chris) Holmes.


Check out the "Prices" link at the top of the page for pricing information!


Mahalo and hope to see you here at Kauai Bound!


Shown below are some of the shots I was able to capture while I was out with Air Ventures on Monday (3/17)

I can highly recommend that adventure!

Map of Kauai Golf Courses

Listed on the map above are the golf courses on the island of Kauai. I will soon be adding the snorkel locations to this map as well.


For Snorkeling conditions please check and look at the current “Today’s Ocean Report”.


Ocean report is also posted each morning at the Kauai Bound Store

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